Science and the Urantia Book


A handful of people have fallen into the trap of criticizing and scoffing at the Urantia Book because of its many seeming innacuracies in the scientific fields.  Some of the details of evolution, physics, and astronomy as presented in the book don't match currently known theories.  These critics claim that therefore the metaphysical truths in the book must be invalid, or a "hoax."

The point that is usually missed in these sorts of arguments is that religious books like Paradise Lost, the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, and the Bhagavad Ghita all contain deep; profound truths.  Yet the science in some of these books could be considered quite questionable at best.

The sequence of events in the Urantia Book - that the Earth and the other planets in the solar system were formed from solar matter, and that mankind evolved in stages after the dinosaurs became extinct - is just as "true," if not more so, than the belief that God created Man fully-formed and complete in a free afternoon and that Eve came from Adam's rib; or the belief that the Earth is carried around by four elephants standing on a turtle.

All three of these myths contain beautiful truths; yet the scientific innacuracies of the latter two have not weakened their power or their truth.

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