Guide to the use of Astronomical Terms in the Urantia Book

from the extensive presentation at UBAstronomy

Urantia Book term corresponds to the modern Astronomy term
"local universe"A sub-section of the galaxy
"minor sector"galaxy
"major sector"Cluster of galaxies
"Super Universe"Supercluster
"Central Universe"/"Havona"the Great Attractor (discovered 1973-1986)
"The Grand Universe"The inhabited section of the Universe, of which our galaxy (and supercluster) is a part
"The Master Universe"The Universe - all of Creation
"universe," "galaxy," "nebula"inconsistent, undefined, and used interchangeably due to changing cosmology of the early 20th century time period (1934-1955) during which the book was composed.  The modern definitions of these terms had not yet been created.

"I readily believe that there are more invisible beings in the universe than visible.  But who shall explain to us the nature, the rank and kinship, the distinguished marks and graces of each?  What do they do?  Where do they dwell?  The human mind has circled around this knowledge, but never attained it.  Yet there is profit, I do not doubt, in sometimes contemplating in the mind, as in a picture, the image of a greater and better world; lest the intellect, habituated to the petty details of daily life, should be contracted within too narrow limits and settle down wholly on trifles."

- T. Burnett, Archaeologica Philisophica, A.D. 1692

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